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Jackie Young, LMT

A heartfelt message from our owner


We all have our journeys in life.  Some are easy.  Some are difficult.  Mine was somewhere in the middle.  But I don’t regret anything I’ve experienced because all of it ultimately led me to the My Body Wellness Center and blessed me with a rejuvenated mind, body, and spirit, as well as the deeply personal relationships that I have with you — our clients.

If we haven’t met yet, my name is Jackie Young.  I’m a mother of two amazing girls, a wife (going on 27 years now), a daughter, a sibling, a friend, a confidante, and an all-around fun person who has never met a stranger.  I’m also a card-carrying believer in the My Body Wellness Center and have been for a very long time.  Don’t believe me?  Well, allow me to point out that I was once a client just like you soon will be.  In my previous job as an IT professional, I could work remotely and often found myself sitting here in the sauna or in the foot bath chair while doing my work.  I’d spend hours here; it was my home away from home, and I always felt better than when I first walked in the door each day.  I quickly became close friends with everyone, including the owner.  When the owner had to relocate for family reasons, I couldn’t bear the thought of My Body Wellness Center(formally Cryo Clinic) closing down for good.  So I bought it in 2019!  Since then, my staff and I have done all we can to take what our clients already love so much about this place and kick it up a few notches.

Why is this place so special?  Not only is it a friendly place filled with people who want to help you be the best version of yourself, but it approaches resolving common health issues from a holistic standpoint.  Rather than prescribe more medication or suggest that you make yet another fruitless trip to the doctor, we have therapies and services that help your body heal itself naturally and from within.  I have personally experienced the benefits of everything we offer at our center and have seen the results prove themselves firsthand to aid in the overcoming of my own health challenges and to help maintain optimal health.  As a child, I was constantly sick and suffered my first epileptic seizure when I was 5.  I was in and out of hospitals for years, to the point where my doctor was one of my best friends.  I had visions in the early days of being a pediatrician but ultimately decided to go into IT.

Fast forward to my late 20s, and I couldn’t get pregnant.  I had been introduced to holistic wellness by my husband’s family (things like detoxing, cleanses, essential oils, etc.) a few years earlier.  But my doctor also diagnosed me with polycystic ovaries and wanted to put me on prescription medication.  Instead, I chose to do a massive body cleanse for six months to see if that changed things.  It was a massive leap of faith, and it worked!  I returned to the doctor, and they said I was healed. Needless to say, I got pregnant – and also fired my doctor!  Eventually finding My Body Wellness Center has been the answer to my prayers as I continue to dive deeper into my love for holistic wellness and explore my growing passion for helping others.

Our Approach

The staff and I are motivated by all the wonderful testimonies of the people who have benefited from the services and products we offer. People’s lives are changed for the better simply by coming here, and this is what fuels our pursuit of providing the best services and products available to you in one place.

A key focus of ours is to allow the body the ability to heal itself from within and focus on the root cause of any health challenge. Each person is unique, and so should the process of leading a healthy life or recovering from a sickness or injury. We also believe in the importance of focusing on prevention and developing healthy behaviors and skills that you can use throughout your life.

The Experience

Our clients often refer to our center as a wellness boutique that has the relaxing environment of a spa, the hospitality of a hotel, and the sophistication of a high-end recovery center.  These facets ultimately create an atmosphere that allows our clients a place to experience rest from the daily stresses of their fast-paced lives while being served by the friendliest staff who’ve been intentionally selected and trained to serve with excellence.

Now you know a bit about us, we’d love to learn more about you.  We can’t wait to hear your story and see how your life will be impacted at My Body Wellness Center.