Massage Therapy

You deserve a great massage experience — one where each session is catered to what your mind and body need on that day and in that moment. Perhaps all you desire is a gentle touch to release mild tension. Maybe you prefer a few well-placed heavy elbows to break up pesky knots or ease muscle soreness and tightness. Or better yet, you want a therapist who will throw the cookie-cutter approach aside, take note of what you say hurts, tell you what they see, and use a variety of techniques to achieve the best results — all without making you pay extra for it. Massage therapy shouldn’t be the same for every person, and it can be so much more than choosing options blindly from a brochure. Tell us what’s going on in your life and with your body, and we’ll melt those problems away together.

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How it works

At its core, massage therapy is all about achieving total relaxation. But it’s also a complementary and alternative approach to standard medical practices that treat a range of medical conditions and situations. To be effective, each session must be catered to your needs. Tell us what’s going on and what you want us to focus on more. Unlike other facilities, we don’t rely on one technique to get you feeling better.

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Aid Digestion

Chronic Pain

Headaches / Migraines

Muscle Spasms

Back Pain

Sports Injuries

Cardiovascular Health


Joint Pain

Myofascial Pain


Sleep Disorders

Soft Tissue Strains


Muscle Soreness

Enhance Performance


Massage Types

Whether you want a standard Swedish massage, a deep-tissue experience, or a combination of both, we tailor sessions to what you want and what we see that maybe you don’t. All massages include essential oils and/or hot towels. We also offer add-ons.

20 Minute Head/Neck Massage $35

30 Minute Express Custom Massage $50

60 Minute Custom Massage $115

90 Minute Custom Massage $145

120 minute Custom Massage $185

Massage Add-ons

CBD Oil or Creams $10

Cupping $10

Stem Cell Activation Patch $5

Microcurrent treatment $35

Cryotherapy, Far Infrared Sauna or PEMF session prior to a 60-90 minute massage $10 OFF