We all deal with pain from time to time. But that’s no excuse to have it interrupt your life long-term — especially if other pain relief methods have been unsuccessful, and you’re turning to prescription medication to get you by. H-Wave is a revolutionary, multi-functional, drug-free electrical stimulation device that relieves pain and speeds recovery by increasing blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. H-Wave is scientifically proven to eliminate the stress on tissue and muscle fatigue without the harmful side effects of most pain medications. It’s also incredibly easy and has led to long-lasting results for many patients, even those with complex rehabilitative needs.

Cryo EMS 6 H - Wave

How it works

HIGH Frequency
H-Wave is the only device that is FDA cleared for electronic anesthesia in dentistry – we can target any nerve along the spine or in
a joint – a 30 min. treatment fatigues the sodium pump interrupting the sodium potassium exchange giving a drug-free
opioid/narcotic equivalency of relief that will last for hours, half day, all day? Everyone’s length of relief varies. H-Wave delivers a
drug-free pain relief to get on with your day and or sleep at night.

LOW Frequency
Secondly, H-Wave is the only device that can create a non-fatiguing contraction where our focus is the lymphatic system, creating
a tissue fluid shift, evacuating waste and bring in oxygen & nutrients, reducing swelling and promoting tissue and nerve healing.
The goal is to address the root cause, reducing inflammation and swelling and allow our bodies to heal through increased blood
flow. In studies, using the frequency mode creates nitric oxide, vasodialation, increased blood flow plus, with a consistent 3 weeks
of 1 hr. a day of low frequency our bodies are now in the angiogenesis stages, regenerating blood vessels. There is no limit to the
time use of Low Frequency, the more the better!

Cryo EMS 7 H - Wave


Drug-Free Pain Relief

Lymphatic Drainage to Eliminate Waste

Performance Recovery

Increase Blood Circulation

Regenerate Blood Vessels

Promote Healing and Rehabilitation

Reduce Swelling and Inflammation

Decrease / Eliminate Medications

Speed Post-Op Recovery

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an H-Wave session last?

An H-Wave session lasts 30 minutes, but you can go up to one hour for an additional $20.

How much is the weekly or monthly rental?

7 day rental $150.  If you roll into a month it becomes $500.  You can also purchase a new unit for $2300.  10 % of the rental cost will go towards the purchase price.