Avazzia Micro-current

The Avazzia Microcurrent is a fantastic device that stimulates the body’s natural ability to resolve pain and reduce inflammation without drugs or surgery. It’s a handheld biofeedback device that relies on a portable wand to send microcurrents up and down the spine and provide our team with feedback on tissue health. Basically, we can tell more quickly if “something is off” so that we can target those specific areas of concern.

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How it works

Avazzia Microcurrent can be used as a solo service or as the perfect add-on for your next massage therapy session. As the wand passes over your spine, you will feel a slight but painless tingling sensation as your body’s cells are optimized. In turn, we receive biofeedback on problem areas to focus on. In essence, you can tell us where you feel pain, but the frequency feedback from Avazzia Microcurrent tells us where the exact problem area is — and then we get to work on making you feel better.

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Aid Digestion

Chronic Pain

Headaches / Migraines

Muscle Spasms

Back Pain

Sports Injuries

Cardiovascular Health

Joint Pain

Myofascial Pain


Sleep Disorders

Soft Tissue Strains


Muscle Soreness

Enhance Performance