PEMF Face mask

The use of varying Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) produce better healing and regeneration of damaged or diseased tissue, improved cellular voltage, accelerated cell growth, up-regulation of genes related to collagen production, cell rejuvenation, reduces oxidative stress and promotes cell longevity.

Untitled design 59 PEMF Face Mask

How it works

The PEMF Face Mask can reduce edema, improve circulation, open cell membrane channels, increase production of ATP, stimulate repair mechanisms. It improves blood-circulation, therefore better oxygen supply in the cells of the dermis and epidermis. The mask also serves to help with sinus problems, headaches migraines, toothaches, facial paralysis and a host of other problems. The copper coils inside the face mask encircle the pineal gland located in the brain and creates a magnetic field which enhances the generation of melatonin which facilitates the onset of natural sleep and could reset the body’s aging clock. You can choose from 4 different settings.

Untitled design 58 PEMF Face Mask


Dark circles under the eyes and swelling of the eye lids may disappear

Skin may soften and wrinkles diminish

Puffy eyes and eye fatigue may reduce

A youthful, natural glow is restored to skin

Supports Facial Circulation for improved skin health

Measure Health Status of Entire Body